11 Free Fonts For Churches For Fall 2017

September 21, 2017

Want to know the worst thing about summer? Shorts. Not a single adult male looks good in shorts. But you can’t escape them during the summer months. Thankfully, we’re creeping towards the autumn season – the best season of the year, by the way – and soon enough I’ll be able to store my shorts for another year.


Fall is a spectacular season. I’m a fairly ambitious, driven person (I’m a #1 on the Enneagram), so I find summer a bit too relaxed. Summer seems to run on idle. But in the fall, kids head back to school, church activities ramp into full swing, and the routines and energy of the entire culture shift into a higher gear.


With that, I want to share with you 11 of my favorite free church fonts for the autumn season this year. Much like fall fashion has its own unique style (sorry shorts), fall designs and typefaces can have a unique style to them as well. Here are my top 11 picks for the season – and, oh yes, they’re all free.


11 Free Fonts For Churches For Fall 2017:


1. Leafy

Leafy reminds me of a crisp autumn morning. It’s a bit chilly. It’s foggy. There’s dew on the grass. Summer mornings are hot and sticky, give me an autumn morning any day of the week.


2. Berg

Berg is a layered font inspired by vintage sign painting, posters, and labels. Perfect for headlines. Perhaps a good choice for the title of your autumn sermon series.


3. Henrik

Henrik is a textured upper case font. Great for badges, labels, and headlines. It’s vintage and moody. I would love to see this font paired with an autumn-inspired brown/orange/red color palette.


4. Verona Lotte

Verona Lotte is a freehand brush stroke font. Summer can’t have all the fun fonts. Inject some free-flowing goodness into your autumn designs with Verona Lotte.


5. Brux

Brux is bold and full of life. More raw and masculine than most brush fonts. I could see Brux working well for any ministry promotion that needs a masculine vibe to it.


6. Axis

Let’s get back to the basics for a moment. Axis is an uppercase, to-the-point, straightforward sans-serif. It’s versatile. It’s flexible. It’s ready for any design you’re working on this fall season.


7. West Side

Inspired by 1980s handmade poster designs and illustrations, West Side is a block-styled, handcrafted typeface. It’s retro. And it’s perfect for autumn.


8. Sonder

Sonder wants you to look at it and think of smoke, and bark, and pitching tents. It comes with both a sans and slab.


9. Exodus

Of all the free church fonts on this list, I would mark Exodus as the best option for a fall sermon series. Exodus comes with a variety of alternative characters that should allow you to create a unique design with just the typeface – almost like a logotype.


10. Wild Youth

Wild Youth is a modern font with a distinct feeling of adventure and the great outdoors.


11. Westfalia

Westfalia is a hand-painted brush sans. It’s outdoors-y. It’s explorative. This font reminds me of the transition between summer and fall. The in-between period where the mornings are cool, but you could still sit around a campfire in the evenings.



I’m always excited to find new and beautiful fonts. Do you have one to share?


Source: www.prochurchtools.com

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