37 Copy-And-Paste Email Subject Lines For Churches

September 21, 2017


Email is still the most important digital communication platform in existence. It’s the original push notification.


Sure, email may not be as exciting as a social media platform, but it’s more effective – especially when done well. To that end, I want to share with you 12 email subject line templates that you can begin using immediately.


The most important element of any email campaign is an email’s subject line. Why? Because the subject line determines whether or not a recipient will open the email or not. Without a compelling subject line, your open rate will drop, and less people will read the email.


Your subject line needs to be fire.


The #1 Goal Of An Email Subject Line

An email subject line has just one goal: to compel a recipient to open the email.


That’s it. Nothing more.


Your subject line doesn’t need to provide an outline of the email. Your subject line doesn’t need to preview what’s inside the email. Your subject doesn’t even need to hint at what’s inside the email.

All the subject line aims to do is…get the email opened.


12 Proven Email Subject Line Templates For Churches


1. The Surprise


My Headline: The #1 surprising thing your church needs to know about Millennials
Open Rate: 31.28% (9,430 out of 30,148)


The Surprise subject line uses mystery and a bit secrecy as psychological triggers. More than enough has been written and said on the topic of Millennials, but this email subject line implies that there’s one more thing that you need to know about Millennials – and it’s surprising, meaning you likely haven’t heard it yet.


This subject line template works best when you take a topic that people already know about, and then put a twist on it.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches

  • The #1 surprising thing you need to know about prayer

  • The #1 surprising thing you need to know about Easter at [YOUR CHURCH]

  • The #1 surprising thing you need to know about VBS this year


2. The Simple Trick


My Headline: Increase connection card responses with this 1 simple trick
Open Rate: 30.48% (8,427 out of 27,648)


The Simple Trick subject line excels because of its implied convenience. If you can just master this one simple trick, you can achieve the goals that you want. No need to do a ton of extra work, or change your entire life, just figure out this one simple trick.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • 1 simple trick to finally getting your finances on track

  • Never be late to church again with this 1 simple trick

  • A better marriage starts with this 1 simple trick


3. The Listicle


My Headline: The best 5 cameras for your church in 2017
Open Rate: 31.74% (8,512 out of 26,821)


The word “listicle” is a combination of the two words “list” and “article.” Made infamous by Buzzfeed, numbered lists always provide an instant boost to any email subject line.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • 19 fun things to do in [YOUR CITY] with your family this summer

  • 9 easy ways to serve at church on a Sunday morning

  • 5 simple ways to give at [YOUR CHURCH]


4. The Warning


My Headline: Please don’t copy this church
Open Rate: 35.95% (10,525 out of 29,280)


The Warning subject line simply explains “please don’t do what this other person or people are doing.” It uses the mistakes of others or yourself as a case study of what not to do. Moreover, for better or worse, humanity often responds more to negativity than positivity. In this instance, if there’s a mistake we can avoid, we want to know about it.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • Please don’t make this same mistake

  • Please don’t do what I did

  • Please don’t do what this family did

5. The Yearly Trend


My Headline: The 2017 design trend and why it’s great news for your church
Open Rate: 32.95% (9,168 out of 27,827)


The Yearly Trend subject line is great because you can re-use it year after year and in multiple different contexts. I especially recommend using these subject lines at the beginning of a new calendar year. People are in the full-swing of New Year’s resolutions and are looking to make their new year great.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • The 2017 Bible reading trend that’s great if you’re short on time

  • The 2017 parenting trend and why it’s great for young families

  • The 2017 trend I didn’t see coming and why it’s great news for our church

6. The Self Doubt


My Headline: I thought I did everything right
Open Rate: 34.51% (9,023 out of 26,143)


There’s a reason self-deprecation is one of the hallmarks of great comedy. Any time we can laugh at ourselves, or be open with our own failures or insecurities, it’s a great way to bring people together. We’re all struggling with our own internal fears, but we’re also afraid of sharing them publicly because it requires vulnerability. But when someone leads with vulnerability we respond, because it allows us to be vulnerable also.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • I thought I did everything right

  • I thought this was the right decision

  • I didn’t think it would turn out this way

7. The Tomorrow


My Headline: Big news for tomorrow…
Open Rate: 37.66% (9,892 out of 26,270)


The Tomorrow subject line thrives on FOMO (fear of missing out). Something is going down tomorrow and you don’t want to be the one left out of it. Don’t overdo it on this one though. If you use it too often it begins to lose its lustre.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • Big news for tomorrow…

  • It’s finally happening tomorrow…

  • About tomorrow…


8. The Prescription


My Headline: This is how many church announcements you should have this week
Open Rate: 34.01% (8,768 out of 25,783)


Have you ever felt concerned about your health and started searching your symptoms online? This is the root of The Prescription subject line. It offers precise qualifications for something that we’re uncertain about. The promise of this subject line is confidence and certainty – something we all want more of.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • This is how many times your family should attend church every month

  • This is how many times you should pray each week

  • This is how many times you should volunteer at church every year

9. The Sneak Peak


My Headline: The gear in our new studio looks like this
Open Rate: 32.95% (8,629 out of 26,186)


Building anticipation is one of the best ways to prepare for change. The more you know about something before it happens, the more prepared you are to deal with the change. Not only that, but getting a behind the scenes look at something before it’s available makes us feel special.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • The new song we’re singing this Sunday sounds like this

  • Our new stage design looks like this (sneak peak)

  • Our pastor’s new haircut looks like this…

10. The Last Chance


My Headline: Final courtesy reminder
Open Rate: 29.16% (10,523 out of 36,089)


The Last Chance subject line is all about scarcity. Something is happening, but it’s ending, and this is your last chance to get in on it. Scarcity is one of the most powerful psychological triggers. Of course, you don’t want to overuse it, but when needed, it’s one of the best ways to compel people to take action.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • Final courtesy reminder

  • Last call

  • This is it

11. The Yikes


My Headline: Yikes
Open Rate: 28.79% (10,513 out of 36,519)


The Yikes subject line is a gimmick more than anything. I only use it maybe once per year, but it’s highly effective. It’s also useful because it can be used in pretty much any situation. And that’s part of its allure. What does “yikes” mean? A recipient of this email feels compelled to open it simply due to its mystery.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • Yikes

  • Huh?

  • Uh-oh

  • Really?

12. The Facts


My Headline: 21 mindblowing facts about church apps
Open Rate: 31.17% (9,854 out of 31,617)


Statistics and data are attractive to us because they offer confidence. In a world of post-truth and fake news, a statistic feels comforting because it’s objective and truthful. Sure, it may just be a single data point, it may not tell the whole story, but a properly researched study or statistic won’t lie.


Copy-And-Paste Examples For Churches:

  • 21 mindblowing facts about [YOUR CHURCH]

  • 7 shocking statistics about giving at [YOUR CHURCH] last year

  • 19 encouraging facts about volunteering at [YOUR CHURCH]


Email is still the most effective way to get your message digitally delivered to the people that need to hear it. But it all comes down to the subject line. Can you create a subject line that your recipients are compelled to open? Feel free to copy-and-paste any of the 37 subject lines in this article. They’re yours to use!


Source: www.prochurchtools.com

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